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Thanks to our sponsor
PGG Wrightson
Murray Greys Online Database
A searchable database of our members. You can find out breeder locations, area coordinators, plus more

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ABRI Internet Solutions
Murray Grey members can now access the ABRI internet solutions system. Using this system, you can find trait information, sale catalogues, semen catalogues, and make comparisons between animals.

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Murray Grey Progress Magazine
Material is needed for the next edition of our annual magazine, please submit news, photos, show results, sales or anything of interest to your local Council member, also photos suitable for the cover are always welcome.

OR send to Sue at
ph/fax 06 368 6132

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Bull Sales

Check out the pedigrees and full EBV information by going to "EBV Enquiries" on the website and inserting the bulls name or herd book number

Lot 1 T.Madrid M 21    Lot 2 T.Matisse M 74 

Herdbook number1427160021                                        Herdbook number 1427160074
Top 10%, dairy Index                                                       Top 10% IMF, dairy index
Top 20%, BW, CE                                                            Top 20% 400, 600, mat weights, rump/rib fats
Top 40%, EMA, IMF                                                         Top 30% CE, CW                        

Lot 3 T.Monarch M 87    Lot 4 T.Manuka M 95  

 Herbook number 1427160087                                           Herdbook number 1427160095                                 

Top 10%, Dairy Index                                                           Top 10% Rump and rib fat, IMF
Top 20%, 400, Mat weights
Top 30%, CE, 600 weights


Lot 5 T,Magistrate M 97 Lot 6 T. Mayor M 102   

 Herdbook number 1427160097                                      Herdbook number 1427160102 

  Top 10%, Gest, IMF                                                          Top 10% CE,IMF, dairy index

   Top 30%, EMA                                                                  Top 20% BW rib and rump fat
                                                                                              Top 30% Gest.

Lot 7 T. Monet M108      Lot 8 T.Maestro M70  

Herdbook number 1427160108                                          Herdbook number 1427160070                                                                                                                                                    commercial use only                                      

Top 5%, Rib and Rump fats, IMF                                            Top 20% EMA, IMF, rib and rump fat
Top 20%, EMA.                                                                        Top 30% BW




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